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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Knok giveaway

Yesterday I was approached for this great opportunity to take a family vacation.  After looking into it I found that I would not be able to participate because we would not be able to share our home, which is something you must be able to (Think about the movie "The Holiday").  But they still gave me the opportunity to giveaway ONE FREE SUBSCRIPTION!!!

Knok is the new way for families to travel
Meet peer, trusted families from around the world
Stay at their homes, without having to match dates or destinations
Enjoy their unique family-friendly travel guide

Having children changes everything, and especially changes the way we all travel. Knok is for those of us who want meaningful and unique travel experiences that suit both us and our children.
With Knok, you connect with thousands of like-minded families who share their beautiful homes for holidays and enjoy travelling the world with their children.
When you become a Knok member:
* you can swap your home with families like yours, without matching dates or destinations
* you get a home insurance while you're travelling
* you can contact other families to organize your trip and find a place to stay
* you get access to a family friendly guide to discover the best places to enjoy vacations with your children
* you only pay a subscription fee when you're ready to travel and you save more than 80% on your accommodation
When you have a home ready for your family in every city around the world, travel becomes a way of life, a new and better way for you and your family to experience the world.
Travel is a critical part of our children's education. We should inspire our children to explore the world they live in; help them discover new places, new cultures, new people; dig deeper into the places we are visiting; live as the locals live; try awesome food; and learn surprising things along the way!
Knok helps us each live the delicious lives we want to live and give that to our children.

  • Knok is a trusted network where every member's identity is verified, so you can safely interact with families like yours, anywhere in the world
  • There are two ways you can travel:

    • Direct Swap: stay at a family home, and have that same family stay at yours (it doesn’t need to be simultaneous)
    • Knok Days: share your home with any member and earn Knok Days, then use those Knok Days to stay at any available home in the network.

    Alright... Now how to enter the giveaway!!!
    There are two things you need to do!

    ONE: (Optional)
    Post this on your blog somewhere with a link to my site and have people comment on this post that they were sent here by you. Then comment here to tell me it was done. 
    (right click and save image OR find it HERE)
    REMEMBER: Link my blog to the image. I will be checking!
    TWO: (Must do)
    Send me an email about why your family would be a good fit for the vacation program.  In the subject put "KNOK GIVEAWAY"

    I will announce the winner in two weeks from today (June 25th 2014)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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